Kenneth Cjay (born 1998) is a self taught Artist based in Kaduna Nigeria.
As a child he loved to draw and scribble on anything, but as he grew older, he found other interest after graduating from high school, like been a Hip Hop Artist which he currently is right now.
(His passion for music never fades away ever seen.)

One day he felt the need to go for a church program, and this is where he found back his passion for art through communicating with God in the church when a powerful sermon was been preached.With no other experience besides his scribbles as a child, he started the journey he’s now on. It was his way of channeling emotions, thoughts, perspectives and meaning of life.

Kenneth is now working in a genre of art known as Hyper-Realism. He creates handmade realistic portraits on paper, using charcoal and graphite. But the process begins way before he even touches the paper. When an idea surfaces he try to convey his idea through a model of choice. He photographs his muse, and uses the photo as a guide and reference for her final creation.

He loves to create something that can give different emotions to different people. Love how people see what he does so differently. he's fascinated by humans, different cultures, different religions and so much more.



I love to create, its what I was meant to do. Its my therapy! I find my pencils and I leave all my emotions in the paper


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Twitter: @Cjays Art

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