Muslims Panic After Thousands Of Black Insects Invade "Holy Ground" Mecca

MECCA— Specialized teams from the Mecca Municipality visited the Grand Mosque to find out the reasons behind the sudden appearance of large swarms of black grasshoppers and other insects in the holy precincts.

They took samples of the insects to study them and determine the causes behind their sudden appearance.

The specialists were also to determine where they insects had come from so as to quickly annihilate them and prevent their recurrence in the coming period.

Fahd Al-Malki, the official of the Presidency of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques who is in charge of the management and cleaning of the carpets of the Grand Mosque, said the insects were greatly annihilated before the Friday prayer.

“The insects did not cause any harm to any worshippers,” he said.

Malki said they did not know a definite source or a certain place where the insects could be wiped out completely.

“They come suddenly to the Grand Mosque between the Isha prayer and the sunrise,” he said, adding that the fight against them in the past few days had greatly decreased their number and their presence in the plazas and the mataf area.