Starting up a Shawarma Business 

How it to make Sharmawa

I would like to talk about this from a business point (not from operations) and also operational.

Would this be a sit down or a mobile truck?

Where would the location be?
Why choose this location - are there any other restaurants in the area, are there any Mediterranean places, what kind of crowd can u expect for lunch & dinner, are there are offices, apartments, hotels, schools etc

How To Make Nigerian Shawarma (Chicken and Beef Shawarma Recipe Provided)

What kind of capital would you need - for fixed, operations, marketing and budget it accordingly

How long will it take to build a place - city codes, inspections etc and always make a conservative estimate (as always inspections take time and they find out some or the other thing for you to fix)
From a people perspective - who will cook, who will be the floor manager, how many servers would you need
What kind of PoS system would you need
And the list goes on

The items you need to start a shawarma business is not that expensive and it can be sourced locally. Examples of such items are:

* Shawarma Making Machine
* Cooking Utensils
* Furniture or stand
* Uniform for branding purposes
* Electricity + Gas
* A mobile cart of truck

With the few things i believe you can have a good startup shawarma business which in due time you will upgrade very thing.

All the best in your shawarma business.

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