Let me give a quick story and You should learn from it

27th December, 2018

I saw one of  the Nigerian Super star "Wizkid"
It happened that he came to where I work but due to the crowd that night he couldn't stay

So I went downstairs trying to see him face to face cuz all I ever knew about Wizkid was on the Screen
That day I saw him.
While people struggle to take pictures and others hailing him for cash

I just stood one side Looking at him
He was just like me
Flesh and blood
Wearing a plain black jeans and a t-shirt with his expensive chain and watch!
But there was difference between Wizkid and Cimax
Not Money Here
Not Age here

The difference HERE  was that

he never slept on his ambition to get to where he is today
He never Stopped grinding and making new moves despite the challenges and fights/ beefs.

The grace and glory came and he didn't allow it pass
He was graced filled!

He never believed there was a stop called " failure"

Now! That doesn't mean I have been sleeping or I don't have the grace or glory!

But for me to get to that level,
• I must be ready to face the battle.
• I must be ready to walk in storm 
• I must be ready to fall and rise
If you check his life, since he started he never went on the low! He has been firing and grinding!

Now I'm talking to you reading this!

Let's Double the Hustle and grinding
We should not Feel like we have got to where we wanted besides even a rich man keeps making plans for more money!

Drop pride aside
Humility attracts Kings and Queens to dine with you!
A talent or gift with Pride is like Building Mud house close to a Dam flow Close!

Them no get Two Head!
Most Especially PRAY
I am Cimax Yaron Mudi

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